Maddie Senior 2018

Maddie wanted a unique experience so we set out for the city!  Royal Oak gave us unlimited options for amazing images.  It was a beautiful night in August and the weather was perfect.  We found a vine covered fire escape, city sidewalks, shiny windows and cool colored walls.  All of these brought out the natural beauty of this gorgeous girl!  We were even stopped by someone who asked us what magazine we were shooting for- she was that stunning that evening!  Best of luck to you next year, Maddie, at Michigan State!  The future is yours!

Delaney Senior 2018

This was a magical session!  We had a perfect August evening to make our magic.  This absolutely gorgeous alley made the perfect backdrop for this blond beauty.  A light gust of wind came and took her hair up in beautiful swirls.  It was perfect.  The thick and lush wall of ivy was so complimentary to her eyes and dress.  A turquoise wall made a impromptu background that just pops off the page.  And, the most amazing part of the session – the glowing sunflower field.  Full bloom, golden hour sun, a guitar, and an incredibly striking senior equals photograph nirvana.

Leah Professional Headshots


Leah has started a second career as a Thirty One Representative.  In a very short time, she has reach Director status!  The bright pink bag is a special recognition to those reaching this level.  She has been so successful in Thirty One while balancing raising two adorable children.  Being a wonderful mom, wife and thriving as an independent business woman has been possible for Leah with the great company, Thirty One.   She celebrated with professional headshots!  Congratulations to Leah!

Milner Family 2017

Two sweet little girls and two loving parents make for a wonderful family session.  Giggles, giggles, giggles.  Hugs, hugs, hugs.  This session was full of buzzing activity as the girls were having a great time.  Mom and dad were adorable in their breakout shots!  It is clear that they are deeply in love with each other and deeply in love with their girls.  And those sweet dresses!  The girls were so proud of how beautiful they looked and were more than happy to pose to show off their “princess” dresses.  The candid moments and the pure joy on the faces of this family are priceless.  Such sweetness!

6 month old Savannah

This sweet little baby girl was full of smiles!  Savannah was celebrating turning 6 months old and was loving every second of it.  I absolutely adore the love that just pops off the images with mom and dad.  Savannah giggled and squealed and was having a blast.  When we placed her in the grass for a pose, she would whip her arms up and down as she smiled and almost tipped over from her excitement!  Let’s just say we were laughing a lot about her cuteness. 🙂 All the pictures are amazing but I must admit my favorite, the one that makes me laugh out loud, is the one where she is sticking out her tongue.  A perfectly timed picture that is just so hilariously sweet!  


Social Media Images – Oakland Yard Athletics Men’s Golf 2017

Highlighting the Men’s Golf time was the request of Oakland Yard Athletics. The goal was to show the facilities and options clearly with a fun artistic side when possible. Mission Accomplished! It was a great time watching the golfers practice their swings, discuss their improvement tweaks, and socialize. Oakland Yard Athletics will be able to post these pictures of their golfers and their facility on line to attract their local business. No more Google Images! Potential clients can see high quality pictures that make Oakland Yard Athletics look like the place they’d like to be!  

Social Media Images – Waterford Oaks Senior Care 2016

Based on a conversation with Mary & the owner of Waterford Oaks Senior Care upon booking, these Social Media Images were designed to highlight the high quality of construction and the cozy warm feeling for residents.  These images were delivered watermark free to use to promote this business.  No more Google Stock images!  Using these high resolution images showcase your business and your facilities to all your online visitors.

With a capacity of 20 residents, Waterford Senior Care ensure that every resident receives the personalized care they deserve from a team that truly cares about them. There are two locations side by side and are privately owned and operated. The owner is on-site every day and oversees a wide range of our amenities and services.

Baby Savannah – 22 days old

OOOooooooohhhhh!  Baby Savannah was the sweetest little bundle of preciousness!  She is a Rainbow Baby and a joyous gift to her parents.  We incorporated the Rainbow Baby concept into her newborn photos as well as other props/blankets to give her an adorable photoshoot.  Her Santa hat is perfect as she was born right before Christmas.  It was knitted by a talented lady from the UK and shipped across the ocean just for Savannah.   The flower sash is what her momma wore at her baby shower.  Love those sentimental connections!  At 22 days old, Savannah was awake for most of my time at her house and she cried if momma wasn’t cuddling her.  I love the crying shot with the rainbow as it just documents what life that morning was like. 🙂  We got about 20 minutes of sleep time and were able to capture some timeless and heart melting images.  That was all it took and those 20 minutes were priceless.  It was an amazing way for me to spend a January morning!