Harlan Family 2017

Look at the love this little guy feels from mom and dad!  It is so clear in these images!  This adorable family posed for me and 40+ other photographers at a conference in San Diego.  We met them in a local park and learned all about picking a location, light, posing and capturing natural moments.  That sweet little baby was a trooper!  He was smiling and happy the whole time.  It was truly a magical conference and the real life, real time photo shoots supported by other photographers was a huge learning experience.  I love these images!



Matt & Lauren 2017

Matt and Lauren were simply the cutest!  They posed for me and another 40+ photographers at a conference in San Diego, California.  They did a great job demonstrating poses and facial expressions for the photographers.  They posed in ways to show us “what not to do” and then we were given the opportunity to direct them into wonderful poses ourselves with the mentors observing us.  I definitely learned what TO do!  Loved this experience!  The location and weather were beautiful.  The couple was wonderful.  The learning and understanding I gained through the in-the-field training was priceless!


Brooke Senior 2018

Brooke is such a sweet, kind young lady!  We met for our session at a historical park that gives lots of beautiful options for backgrounds.  Brooke just glowed in her beautiful blue dress.  I learned later that she was very nervous.  I could not tell during the session at all!  She posed and walked and took my direction like a model.  We moved around the park to all the locations and did wardrobe changes quickly.  We had a beautiful day and we took advantage of the great light.  My most memorable and favorite moment was during our last few shots.  A swan swam up behind Brooke and seemed to be wanting to pose with her in the picture!  It was so awesome!  I ended up taking a lot more pictures than I’d planned because I just HAD to get a perfect one with our “swan photo-bomber”!  As you can see, he compliments this beautiful girl in the picture perfectly posed!  Brooke will be going to Sienna Heights to play basketball!  Way to go, Brooke!  Playing ball at the next level was a goal of yours and you made it happen!

Kayla SPORTS Senior 2018

Kayla had a beautiful first session with me in August.  This was her second session highlighting how sports was a big part of her high school career.  Though she runs track as well, we took pictures of Volleyball and Basketball in the gym where she has spent many hours practicing and playing games.  We highlighted the cool features of the gym such as the Wolf mural and the elevated track.  We took amazing images through the basketball net and with the volleyball net.  Special thanks to her dad for holding the 12 foot ladder for me!  Kayla is continuing her athletic career at Oakland University on the basketball court.  Congrats, Kayla, on your dedication to get you there!  Go Grizzly’s!

Josh Professional Headshot 2017

Josh is a full spirited and focused professional.  He is a regional manager at Primerica.  We met for his headshots at the Oakland County Airport.  Several years ago, Josh helped to start the  Waterford Young Professionals Network (YPN) through the Waterford Chamber of Commerce with some other very driven entrepreneurs.  The group is vibrant and active and meets monthly at the Oakland County Airport to support its members.  Therefore, the airport has a special place in Josh’s heart.  We found several cool spots to take our pictures and Josh looks great in them all.   Passionate, focused and determined to be the best person he can be are things I would say exemplify Josh.  Didn’t he rock those red pants?  I love that he loved all the comments about them during his picture reveal!  Thanks, Josh, for your hard work with the YPN!

Alex Senior 2018

Alex was such a great model.  Can you tell by these pictures that we were out in 32 degree weather?  Yes, the sun was shining and we had great light but we definitely had cold!  With hand warmers in our pockets, we worked our way all over Milford.  Alex posed with confidence and steadiness avoiding his urge to shiver and rattle his teeth!  lol!  His only real distraction was spotting a car that caught his interest as he is an avid car enthusiast.  That was actually amazing to see what he spotted out of the corner of his eye!  At the end of our session, he had the great idea to climb on top of this cool tunnel over a river.  I’m so glad he did because they are some of my favorite images!  I look forward to our second session this spring when we will highlight his Silverado.


Watson Family 2017

Look at this beautiful family!  Four beautiful blond females…one lucky dad.   And, of course, a furry white dog named Cole!  We did their session in their beautiful backyard.  It wasn’t hard to pose these natural beauties to showcase their pretty faces.  We had a bit of a time crunch due to volleyball practice – lol!  The life of raising teenagers = squeeze in a photo session whenever you can!  Dad anchored the family and his lovely ladies struck their poses.  It was a beautiful August day and the results were a huge success.  I love helping families freeze a moment in time and “Keep A Focus On What Matters”.

Nikki Professional Headshots 2017

Nikki is a successful professional woman.  She is the Treasury Management Specialist at Clarkston State Bank.  We took these amazing pictures outside of her bank.  We headed around back to find chase the good light and found a beautiful flower bush that served as a perfect backdrop.  A long brick wall and some deep green evergreens were at our disposal as well.  Changing her jacket on and off gave her a different look.  Love that turquoise color!  Her eyes just simply pop off the page!  She certainly ended up with some beautiful and professional looking headshots!

Megan Senior 2018

Megan is a natural beauty.  She came to the shoot with no expectation other than simple (verses busy) backgrounds.  It was very cold for us…and I mean very cold for us.  Especially when she was wearing a cute denim skirt.  She was such a great model, holding back her chills and shivers, for the camera.  We canvased all around the downtown and ended up in the park.  The sun was shining while the air was cold.  As you can tell, her beautiful eyes and smile shone through as well.  What a beautiful girl!

Kayla Senior 2018

Kayla is a strikingly beautiful young lady.  Tall and athletic with lovely long legs that just go on and on.  She chose the quaint location of Davisburg.  It was small and fast to drive through at first glance.  But, wow, were there some very incredible features there.  Cool backdrops, unusual buildings and natural elements.  We also took a fast drive to Fenton to finish off our evening.  As you can see, Kayla’s beautiful blond hair and blue eyes help make photographs glow.  She is not only a beauty but a force on the basketball court.  Good luck next year at Oakland University as you pursue your degree and represent the Grizzlies on the basketball court!