Sydney Senior 2018

What do you do with a girl who loves to read?  Schedule her Senior Picture session at a library, of course!  What a special way to show Sydney’s love of reading.  We had such a fun time tiptoeing around the bookshelves and communicating through whispers and hand gestures!  lol. We did a great job not disturbing others while getting such special images!  After, we moved onto downtown and took advantage of the sidewalks and neat downtown features.  I just love these images as I know they truly reflect the personality of this sweet young graduate!  Good luck at Northern Michigan, Sydney!

Alex and his Truck 2018

It was an honor to be able to capture the images of this handsome young man and his beloved truck.  His mother asked a friend to use their field and we had a beautiful red barn as a backdrop.  The late spring night was a perfect one and the golden hour glow from the sun could not have been more beautiful.  I brought a ladder to be able to get high and wide shots for this session.  I love that his license plate and his Instagram are the same – RADZ RIDE.  Good luck to Alex and his new adventures at Oakland University!

Claire in the Tulip Garden 2018

We barely made it to the garden this spring.  A few days later and the gorgeous tulip garden would have been too far past it’s blooming.  But, wow, we did make it!  Such a beautiful place- the Botanical Gardens at Michigan State University.  There are beautiful metal sculptures and wide open spaces shaded by decade old trees.  It was a perfect spring evening and the golden hour light was just radiant.  Loved that we got to enjoy a great dinner on Grand River Avenue after our session.

Two sisters in the Snow 2018

What an adorable session!  These two cuties had such a great fun during our time together.  Those sweet smiles were genuine and fueled by the fact that they knew they looked adorable!  The two of them were loving it!  The furry vests!  The bright red coats!  The furry pink hoods!  OMGOSH!  Complete cuteness overload!   I loved working with mom to choose images for her home and presents for family.  These adorable images will truly be favorites for years to come.  My heart melts every time I see them!


Cameron Winter 2018

This handsome young man looks great out in the winter white woods.  We took advantage of a tranquil snowfall and got some great images.  I just love the contrast of his black jacket and the powdery white snow.  The sticks and trees keep the background interesting as the focus is all on our model.   Snow images are a unique perk of living  Michigan and I love being able to capture them.

Sydney in the Snow 2018

These images are just beautiful!  They reflect the kind heart of this sweet girl.  And, would you believe it?!?  These were taken on April 10!  We had a very late storm that produced 6 inches of snow.  While everyone else was complaining, we cheered!  We quickly organized at got Sydney out in the beautiful white canvas.  While we were shooting, it was melting and we had snow drop from branches onto our heads a few times- lol!  I just love the beauty of her grey sweater and sweet face against the wintery background.  I’m so happy that we were able to make sunshine out of the crazy late snowfall.  These images will be enjoyed for a lifetime.  The are so lovely.

Nakia in the Snow 2018


This gorgeous girl looks fabulous in the snow!  The weather turned,  we saw those big fluffy flakes falling and we made a plan (around 11pm!) to meet for a session early the next morning.  What a beautiful result!  It helps to have such a pretty girl.  She just pops off the image next to the white of the ground.  And then… that fur coat!  How warm and toasty is that hood?  How perfect is it lining her face in the winter snowfall?  It was a seriously perfect morning of cold, fluffy snowflakes and beautiful smiles.  I absolutely love these images!

Winter Claire 2018

The snow was falling.  The air was cold.  It was a classic Michigan winter day.  Claire grabbed an adorable hat, put on a yummy sweater and ventured out with me in the snow.  The light was beautifully reflected off the white covered ground and my beautiful model looked perfect.  The straight on image is stunning.  Just stunning.  I do especially love the images where she is catching the falling snow.  So natural and beautiful!  I can still hear her laughing and telling how it tickled hitting her face.  Living in Michigan is unique and capturing these winter images is a such a fun experience.   Love!!!


Alex and Ryan 2017

Oh my Goodness!  Let me say that again, Oh my Goodness!  This couple looks absolutely stunning in these images.  They were posing for me and 40+ photographers at a conference in San Diego, CA.  We met them at a local park and were able to do a hands on, real time learning session to create the best images possible.  Our mentors showed us the best possible lighting, posing techniques and a million other on the spot teachings.  Alex and Ryan took direction from me and other photographers and did a fantastic job.  These images are amazing and I am so proud of the love and connection that shows between this couple.  Absolutely beautiful!

Butcher Family 2017

These high spirited boys and loving parents were so fun!  The family posed for me and 40+ photographers attending a conference in San Diego, CA.  We were at an absolutely stunning location and the weather was perfect.  The photographers and I were shown ways to pose a family, ways to look for good lighting and location, ways to get natural emotion and millions more things.  We were asked to direct them ourselves and got feedback on how to improve.  We were able to discuss camera settings and learn new adjustments.  This family is just beautiful.  The loving gazes and heartfelt embraces show the bond with this family.  I adore these images and how they show this family’s love.