A Long Beautiful Road! Summer 2018

We set out to find a beautiful road to pose on.  Did we ever hit the jackpot!  This was a quiet road near a vineyard near Traverse City, Michigan.  To our surprise, we were completely alone on this road – not one car came by!  That gave us time to get these amazing images and let me lay down in the road!  Lol!  We also took advantage we were near a vineyard and got some amazing images there.  It was a wonderful night!

Jade & Claire Summer 2018

We wanted to do our session in a local downtown.  However, we were surprised by a festival that we didn’t know about!  So, we went to a local park.  It was a great idea because these images are beautiful!  The light was perfect for these two beautiful models and it shows in these images.  Lots of laughs, giggles, and pure love between these two cousins who are like sisters.



SUNFLOWERS! Summer 2018

It was a beautiful summer evening in a sunflower field outside of Sutton’s Bay, Michigan. The family that owned the landed opened it up to all of the amazed passers-by to park in their driveway/yard and take images in this glorious field.  It was during the golden hour before sunset and it was beautiful!  My two models were perfect, gorgeous and looked amazing!  Their “bee ignoring” skills were put to the test as we were surrounded by busy bees buzzing around from flower to flower.  Looooooooove the results!  So pretty!



Bianca Senior 2019

It was a classic summer night for our session.  The downtown we chose was alive with flowers that were perfectly in bloom.  We found a bright yellow door that made a great background.  The ladder and uniform image was a true wish of mom’s.  I’m so happy we were able to get that shot with the added fountain in the background!  So cool.  This beautiful girl just glows in these images!  Love them!

Blue Dress – Blue Eyes – Senior 2019

Those blue eyes just popped off her dress!  It was a beautiful day on vacation in Traverse City, Michigan.  The temperature outside was a bit steamy but you’d never know it from these gorgeous images.  We had a chance to get dramatic shots as well as some fun graffiti shots.  All within walking distance of downtown.   That is what makes city shoots so fun- the variety.  When you throw in a beautiful girl who’s dress matches her eyes… perfection!


Claire in a Black Dress Senior 2019

On vacation in Traverse City, the beautiful old buildings and the West Bay were the perfect backdrop.  It was early June and we came upon some beautifully blooming white flowers.  The golden hour light was simply perfect.  Then, of course, the girl!  The simple long black dress looked elegant and was the perfect choice for the evening.  I absolutely love these images!

Ashley – Senior 2019

Rain and clouds!  That was what surprised us during our first session and cut it short.  Never fear!  We met a few days later and the night was perfect!  This beautiful girl looked amazing and our downtown was full of magical backdrops.  I just loooooove that rusty metal wall, the field, the flowers, the red chair and the fountain!  It is all just for us!


Julie Professional Headshot 2018

Julie met me after her work.  We met in front of the township building because they had beautiful big pots of flowers in full bloom.  The evening light was perfect and it didn’t take us long to capture these wonderful images of her.  She received images cropped as a regular 5 x 7 photo as well as a square Linked In & Instagram format.  The goal of a professional headshot session is to be fast & intentional to produce an image that showcases your smile and professional personality.  In this case, goal achieved!


Cole Football Senior 2019

It was a perfect night for images on Waterford Kettering High School’s football field.  The light was great and the school was empty due to summer vacation.  Cole did some great poses on the field and we captured the Captain mascot, the end zone and the yardage lines.  And then the band showed up!  Whoops!  We did not know they were practicing that night!  They quickly took over the field and we moved to the stands and the equipment area.  Our process worked out great and we got all the shots we need.  Our last 20 minutes had drums and horns practicing in the background making it that much more unique!  LOL  We got the shots, he looked great and the images turned out amazing!


Robin Professional Headshot 2018

It was a perfect day in front our our local pubic library.  The beautiful flowers and garden displays made for the perfect backdrop for our session.  This long time professional woman looked amazing in the eye-catching light aqua suit coat.  We meet bright and early at 7:00am so Robin could be off to work right after our time together.  The rising sun gave us a perfect light.  I just love how these images highlight her smile and capture her in a bright and unique professional headshot.  So pretty!