Sara – Winter 2020

It was a perfect snowy wintery day in Leelanau, Michigan.  The sky was dropping white fluffy snowflakes that gently floated down between the trees.   Sara was such a trooper, out in the cold, picking up snow and smiling so beautifully.  We were simply in a winter wonderland and the lighting was perfection.  #puremichigan  Did you see the sweet image of Sara and her beloved dog, Rocket?  Aw!  They make you smile!  Thank you, Sara, for trusting me to capture these images for you.  Your beauty and happiness shines through in each one!


Jessica & Jordan 2019

Fall colors were the goal of this early sunrise session.  We found those beautiful colors atop a hill on the beautiful Leelanau Pennisula.  It was peek color and simply perfect.  These two newlyweds were able to show off their wedding attire from their nuptuals earlier this year.  You would never know that it was very very cold.  They braved the low temperature and posed so sweetly.  These images are full of love, happiness, and the promise of a lifetime together.  #soromantic #younglove #startingalifetogether


Sophie Summer 2019

We had the perfect end of summer evening for Sophie’s session.  We found a field and chased the sun around it for the first part of the session.  No joke.  We moved and shifted and zig zagged across the field to find that beautiful glow.  We caught it and the images are beautiful!  We then headed to a cute little downtown and found colorful glass, a reflective window, in-full-bloom flowers and a stunning blue wall.  Seriously!  That color pop of the glass!  That angel glow in her hair in the field!  The dramatic blue wall.  The summer’s end flowers.  That amazing two-for-one reflection.  All are unique.  All were the perfect backdrop for this beautiful young lady and her sweet smile.  It was a pleasure creating these images for her.

Logan & Livvy 2019

Best friends, a downtown, and beautiful August sunset lighting- those are the ingredients for a great photo session.  These two beauties were so full of laughter during the session. During the flower images, my bags were spread out across the driveway and the girls were sitting back into a flowerbed.  We must have looked strange because two officers on bikes stopped to ask if we were ok!  lol!  The girls thought that was funny and asked for a picture with them and they agreed!  haha  It’s not in the gallery but you can ask Logan and Livvy to see it!  After that, we walked to various locals downtown and continued getting special portraits of each girl and of the two besties together.  I am so glad to have spent and evening creating memories with these two beautiful young women.

Jacob Senior 2019

It’s always so fun to have a session on the field/court of a senior athlete.  We started Jacob’s session on the baseball field where he spent four years of his life.  We ended the session at a local park that had lots of options for backgrounds.  The weather had been rainy for days before postponing us over and over.  The clouds broke and the sun came out for us and we had a great session with such amazing results.  Good luck next year, Jacob, at Oakland University!  Go, Grizzlies!


Nakia Senior 2019

Nakia’s session was perfect.  We captured beautiful images in a field filled with beautiful golden light.  Afterwards we hit a cute little downtown and found beautiful and unique backdrops.  Nakia is such a beautiful girl with a personality to match.  What a pleasure it was for me to take images for her!  Knowing her since she was a little girl made it even more special to be a part of this milestone.  Good luck next year at Grand Valley, Nakia!

Kent Senior 2019

Kent’s high school campus was the perfect backdrop for his session.  We started on the baseball field where he spent 4 years playing the sport he loves.  We moved onto the campus and had beautiful buildings as a backdrop.  His mom and I will forever remember the crazy bird that kept diving at us!  We survived and certainly had a good laughs along the way!  Good luck to Kent in his college baseball career!

Abbey Senior 2019

A beautiful fall day and a beautiful senior girl makes for a host of amazing images!   We stopped first at a beautiful field for images that simply glow.  So pretty!  Our next stop was a cute little downtown that had all kinds of possibilities.  The result are an eclectic set of images that capture Abbey’s personality.  So blessed to have known Abbey for many years and have the opportunity to capture these milestone images for her!  Good Luck at MSU, Abbey!

Nichole Fall 2018

Nichole is a natural beauty.  Just look at these images!  We actually did this over the course of two days due to an unexpected rain.  The weather man was totally wrong on his predictions our first day.  The fall colors are a beautiful backdrop for some of these images.  Other images are just classically beautiful shots.  I posted one of her images to Instagram and I captioned it “simple beauty”.  I think that sums up this lovely lady and her images perfectly!


Glass, Cherries, & a Cider House! Summer 2018

For several years I’ve dreamed of taking my daughter’s picture in front of the Bayside Gallery in Sutton’s Bay.  It came true!  These images are as lovely as she is!  That glass collection is beyond gorgeous.  That same foggy morning, we found a cherry orchard with fully red cherries.  We also went to a favorite Cider House as well that was in full bloom with Hollyhocks.  There was also a beautiful garden of daisies!  We loved it!  Totally worth getting up at literally before the crack of dawn.  lol!  Looooooove these so much!