Brooke Senior 2018

Brooke is such a sweet, kind young lady!  We met for our session at a historical park that gives lots of beautiful options for backgrounds.  Brooke just glowed in her beautiful blue dress.  I learned later that she was very nervous.  I could not tell during the session at all!  She posed and walked and took my direction like a model.  We moved around the park to all the locations and did wardrobe changes quickly.  We had a beautiful day and we took advantage of the great light.  My most memorable and favorite moment was during our last few shots.  A swan swam up behind Brooke and seemed to be wanting to pose with her in the picture!  It was so awesome!  I ended up taking a lot more pictures than I’d planned because I just HAD to get a perfect one with our “swan photo-bomber”!  As you can see, he compliments this beautiful girl in the picture perfectly posed!  Brooke will be going to Sienna Heights to play basketball!  Way to go, Brooke!  Playing ball at the next level was a goal of yours and you made it happen!

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