Josh Professional Headshot 2017

Josh is a full spirited and focused professional.  He is a regional manager at Primerica.  We met for his headshots at the Oakland County Airport.  Several years ago, Josh helped to start the  Waterford Young Professionals Network (YPN) through the Waterford Chamber of Commerce with some other very driven entrepreneurs.  The group is vibrant and active and meets monthly at the Oakland County Airport to support its members.  Therefore, the airport has a special place in Josh’s heart.  We found several cool spots to take our pictures and Josh looks great in them all.   Passionate, focused and determined to be the best person he can be are things I would say exemplify Josh.  Didn’t he rock those red pants?  I love that he loved all the comments about them during his picture reveal!  Thanks, Josh, for your hard work with the YPN!

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