Baby Savannah – 22 days old

OOOooooooohhhhh!  Baby Savannah was the sweetest little bundle of preciousness!  She is a Rainbow Baby and a joyous gift to her parents.  We incorporated the Rainbow Baby concept into her newborn photos as well as other props/blankets to give her an adorable photoshoot.  Her Santa hat is perfect as she was born right before Christmas.  It was knitted by a talented lady from the UK and shipped across the ocean just for Savannah.   The flower sash is what her momma wore at her baby shower.  Love those sentimental connections!  At 22 days old, Savannah was awake for most of my time at her house and she cried if momma wasn’t cuddling her.  I love the crying shot with the rainbow as it just documents what life that morning was like. 🙂  We got about 20 minutes of sleep time and were able to capture some timeless and heart melting images.  That was all it took and those 20 minutes were priceless.  It was an amazing way for me to spend a January morning!  

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